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01.07.2009 A meeting of the Russian Repo Council was held.

09.06.2009 About direct Repo auctions for 3, 6 or 12 months, carried out by the Bank of Russia.

09.06.2009 About changing the parameters of direct Repo operations.

08.06.2009 ICMA appoints a new Executive Director and President.

12.05.2009 An article An automated securities lending model in stock exchange trades without pre-depositing written by A. Semin (NDC) was published in the section Technologies.

24.04.2009 Articles Direct Repo operations against the Bank of Russia and Repo operations in the government securities market by S. Mayorov and G. Oksenoyte were published in the section Techologies.

10.04.2009 NSMA held a seminar Repo operations and securities lending and current regulation (normative regulation, taxation, accounting and reporting) in these fields.

03.04.2009 SRO NSMA conducted a training course for top-managers Assets refinancing potential in Repo deals.

03.03.2009 A meeting of the Russian Repo Council was held.

16.02.2009 The Bank of Russia submitted an explanation on the particulars of conclusion of Master Repo agreement About general conditions of execution by the Bank of Russia and a credit organization of direct Repo transactions at MICEX.

11.02.2009 We congratulate Sergey Shvetsov, a member of NSMA Council, Chairman of the Russian Repo Council, who was elected to the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia!

02.02.2009 The meeting of the Settlement Committee of the Russian Repo Council was held.

24.12.2008 A meeting of the Settlement Committee of the Russian Repo Council was held.

10.12.2008 The 4th International NSMA conference Repo and securities lending: strategies of effective business was successfully held.

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